What Is Sky Sprout University?

Sky Sprout is proud to announce the launching of Sky Sprout University.  We have been hard at work creating an incredible resource for those people who are eager to learn all about online marketing.  We have been wanting to get into online education for several years but had realized several issues with the current model. We have addressed these issues with Sky Sprout University and are looking forward to sharing our knowledge with the masses. For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can gain access to our online tools for life. This University will constantly be updated and changed as platforms, tactics and methods evolve and become obsolete. 

By signing up to Sky Sprout University, you are gaining access to the most comprehensive online marketing school currently available. This program is for entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to take their venture to the next level. This is not for someone looking for simple hacks and tricks, this is the real deal. You are going to be given guidance and tools to directly impact your business and increase growth. Would you have been on this page if it weren’t for our ad? Now let us help you get similar results by signing up today!

With Sky Sprout University, you will learn everything you need to run successful AD campaigns on multiple platforms. Once completed you will have a great understanding of ad structure, campaign objectives, targeting, custom audiences, set placements, budget optimization and creative options. On top of these skills you will learn how to integrate google analytics, set up re-marketing campaigns, create search, display and video campaigns, and how to structure them so you are organized and optimizing your management efficiently. Before you know it, you will be up and running like a true AD wizard feeling confident and ready to reach your audience.

Are you currently an agency client of ours? Then Sky Sprout University is included for you to enjoy at no extra cost! We believe that educating our clients while assisting them is the best way to grow a relationship. We want you to fully understand why and how we do what we do. Feel free to use this University as a stepping stone for your education of online marketing.

What is Included?

Access to the full library of online courses.

Monthly live video training.

Monthly Q & A

New content and courses added monthly. 

Access to the private Facebook group.

University Curriculum

AD Design & Creative

Facebook AD Fundamentals 

Instagram AD Fundamentals

Snapchat AD Fundamentals

Google AD Fundamentals

Messenger Chat Bot

(AAT) Advanced AD Tactics

What Makes Sky Sprout University Different?

  • Due to the rapid change of this industry most online courses become out of date or not well kept. We knew when launching SSU that it couldn't be static classes that never evolved. This is why we will be constantly updating the courses and adding new content to stay up to date with current trends and changes.

  • Currently online classes are a never ending expense for the customer. They have to keep buying courses that are hundreds or even thousands of dollars every few months. We wanted to change this and offer a program that was cheap enough for everyone to join and maintain their membership.

  • Online courses are just that, they are videos and PDF's showing you a tactic but there isn’t anyone there to help you if you get stuck. We wanted to combine live learning with online courses, exams, multimedia, downloads and more.

  • Currently, online courses are not dynamic. What you pay for are only the classes you are getting. They are not updated, you can not request additional content or make recommendations. We wanted to incorporate live feedback and surveys every step of the way so we can improve the program in real time. So every month the university gets better and better based on what students are saying.

Pricing Options

We have pricing options that work for businesses or startups of any size.