Program Overview

  • Facebook Marketing

    Learn the foundations to the perfect Facebook marketing campaign as well as our advanced tactics and formulas.

  • Google Ads

    Learn our secrets to a successful campaign with Search, Display, and Video ads on the Google Ads platform.

  • Snapchat

    Learn the skillset to running a successful marketing campaign on the cheapest ad platform for targeting millenials!

  • Instagram

    Learn how to utilize both organic and paid promotions on Instagram to grow your brand.

  • Ad Creative

    Learn the tools you can use to design your ad assets without hiring a designer. Also learn the proper formatting for each ad platorm.

  • Advanced Ad Tactics

    Once you go through the fundamentals, you can learn our more advanced advertising campaign strategies.

  • Complete Campaigns

    Get access to complete campaigns that show you how to combine all of the platforms based on your goals.

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